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October 2016
Nick Wilson (S.A.S.R.A)
The Work of Scripture Readers in the UK Forces

Rev Dr David Harley
Malvern Bible Ministry : Part 1

The Life of Faith: Why does God call us?

Looking at the life of Abraham, a great hero of the faith, David explores four key points in helping us to understand why God calls us in the first place – context, call, command and commitment.
Oct 2 (Evening)
Oct 2 (Morning)

Nick Wilson gives a very enlightening and humorous account of his role as a Scripture Reader in the armed forces and how many lives have been touched and transformed over the years through the power of the gospel.

Rev Dr David and Rosemary Harley
Malvern Bible Ministry: Leader's Lunch
Rev Dr David Harley

Malvern Bible Ministry: Part 3

The Tests of Faith: How do we cope with and respond to failure?

When our faith is tested, we shouldn’t ask ‘Why?’ but ‘What?’ What is God trying to teach us? In a very insightful sermon, David expounds on Abraham’s test of faith; the reasons why he fails, the results of his failure and the remedy to his failure.

Oct 4 (Evening)
David and Rosemary share about their experiences on the mission field and how the Church has grown despite persecution. Yet there were pioneers, who like Abraham, never got to see the fruit of their labours. What they sowed, others reaped. David encouraged leaders to stay the course because we never know what impact our ministries will have down the line.

Oct 3 (Afternoon)
David Gleaves

Robert Weston

Oct 9
The Rewards of Faith: What challenges do we face in our faith?

God tests Abraham by asking him to offer up the very fulfilment of the promise God had made to him. Would he be willing to obey? Explore how God blessed Abraham by giving him His divine approval, a unique experience of God’s supernatural provision and a double guarantee of God’s promise.

Mathew Clark
God's "middle name", as it were, is Mercy. There are few things more important for our spiritual growth and wellbeing than applying His mercy across and into every area of our lives.
Oct 16
Oct 23
Rev Dr David Harley
Malvern Bible Ministry: Part 2
Oct 3 (Evening)
Kevin Fooks
Encounters with Christ : The Woman at the Well
 Jesus was never one to abide by the conventions and traditions of the day.  Meeting a Samaritan woman who has come to draw water at Jacob's well he engages her in a theological debate and makes her an amazing offer.   He promises water that will become a spring welling up to eternal life.  God delights to bless us and still promises the Holy Spirit to those who thirst.  But we have to desire it, we have to come and drink.

Oct 30





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