November 2017
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Who is God?

Salt and Light

Sarah Blackburn,  Nov 5th

Leston Blackburn, Nov 12th

In this sermon, Sarah takes a look at the characteristics and attributes of God, focusing on His uniqueness, His Triune nature and His supreme divinity.  She addresses how God, who is not bound by space and time as we are, can exist without having a beginning or cause to exist. Yet despite His immensity and immeasurability, His desire is for a relationship with us, not only corporately, but individually too.
Reflecting on The Sermon on the Mount, and starting with the Beatitudes, Leston takes a look at how living the counter-cultural life that Jesus taught and modelled is to be salt and light. It is, of course, only possible to live this way ‘in Christ’ as we learn to embrace all that He has done on our behalf and see God, others and ourselves through the very Person of Christ. This sermon helps us to look at life in a new perspective.  

The Value of a Human Soul

I'm Tired

Leston Blackburn,  Nov 19th

Mathew Clark,  Nov 26th

Have you ever paused to consider the value of a human soul? In Mark 8:35-36, Jesus makes it clear that in His estimation, a human soul is worth far more than all the treasures of the earth combined. Your soul! It is, after all, part of us that is eternal and therefre of more value than anything temporal that this world has to offer. Yet despite this fact, it is often the very part of us that we invest the least amount of time in. Journey with us as we consider what the soul is, the value of a soul and the implications this holds for us.
Have you ever been in a place where physically, emotionally and spiritually, you just feel bone-tired? There isn’t anything inhuman about admitting that sometimes we just need a break. Mathew shares a very honest, heartfelt message about times he has felt tired and overwhelmed and how he has learned to cope in seasons like that. He also shares about Jesus' sitting at the well at a time when He was clearly tired, yet speaks of having food that the woman at the well knew nothing of,  but that sustained and refreshed beyond the natural.

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