May 2016
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Preparing for Pentecost
The Double Portion belongs to the Servant-heart
May 8th
May 22nd

Leston Blackburn

Leston Blackburn

As we prepare for Pentecost, we take a look at three vital characteristics that were evidenced in the lives of the early Church immediately preceding the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in such a powerful way. One profound reality is that, of all the miracles God could have chosen to reveal His Presence and anointing upon the early believers, He chose to touch their tongues. Let's take a moment to consider the significance of this reality.  
Before Elisha became a prophet of God, he was a faithful servant to Elijah. When Elijah was taken up to heaven, Elisha asked for, and received, a double portion of the anointing that had been on Elijah. Interestingly, Elisha also had servants - not one, but two to be precise. Can you name them or what they inherited? Journey with us as we take a look at Elisha's faithful servant-heart and the impact it had on his subsequent ministry.   
Cords of Love and Kindness
May 29th

Robert Weston

In this overview of Hosea 11 Robert draws us into the world of a biblical prophet who was particularly chosen by God to demonstrate His tender compassion to a people whose lives were at 'war' with the reality of His holiness. The passage reveals much about the heart of God, and the way in which He 'weighs' the shortcomings of men and nations and yet moves in great power and mercy. And what God did nearly three thousand years ago is entirely relevant for our own society, church and generation as He "purifies for Himself a people that are His very own, eager to do what is good." (Tit. 2:14) 





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