May 2018
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The Importance of the Role of Jesus Today
Grace Upon Grace

Sarah Blackburn,  May 6th

Leston Blackburn,  May 13th

The writer of the Book of Hebrews encourages those suffering and being persecuted to cling onto Jesus.

Sarah looks at the roles of Jesus as Intercessor, the Author and Finisher of our Faith and Mediator of the New Covenant, and how He is able to encourage and uplift us during times of struggle.

Focusing on John 1:16, Leston takes a look at what the phrase 'grace upon grace' means, and why it is significant that we receeve grace upon grace from the very fullness of Christ. 

A Testimony
Grace Upon Grace

Slava,  May 20th

Leston Blackburn,  May 27th

From the very fullness of Christ, we receive ‘grace upon grace.’ What an interesting phrase. But what exactly does it mean? In  a nutshell, it means grace leaning forward… God’s unmerited favour – available as He leans toward us to make it possible to receive it. Grace leaning forward. Grace reaching out. It is grace always leaning forward. Journey with us as we explore just how God makes His grace available to us.
We were very blessed to have Slava visit us from Russia recently. Slava shared his testimony, and relates how God completely transformed his life in the most profound way.  He also shares about Campus Crusade for Christ and the wonderful work that they are doing around the world. 

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