March 2019
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The Transfiguration
Going BIG for God

David Gleaves, March 3rd

Carol Unwin, March 10th

Jesus asked His disciples to tell Him who people thought He was. He followed up this question by asking them who they though He was. Six days later, Jesus invites Peter, James and John up the mountain, and in a brief moment, heaven touches earth and they see Jesus in His glory, speaking with Moses and Elijah. Join Dave as he unpacks the significance of this event and shows how it links to key Old Testament events and to Jesus with the very same three disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane. 
Looking at Jesus’ response to the man born blind, Carol Unwin considers how Jesus both healed, saved and sent the man at the same time. She draws a parallel between the man’s new-found potential to be an ambassador for God, revealing the glory of God through his changed life and our lives; how we too have been called to “god big for God” and reveal His glory through the miracle of our being touched and changed by Him.  





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