June 2018
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The Day the Lights Went On
The Jesus Exodus

Leston Blackburn,  June 3rd

David Gleaves,  June 10th

Thinking about the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus, Leston explores just what having their eyes opened to the reality of Christ really meant, and how it changed their lives forever. Knowing that eternity awaits and that our lives are safe and secure in the finished work of Christ changes our temporal earthly perspective and enables us to see a life that stretched far beyond the grave.   

Reflecting on the Exodus of the Old Testament, where God raised up Moses to lead Israel out of slavery in Egypt, David draws some fascinating parallels with how Jesus leads us all out of slavery to sin and its consequences. In Christ, God reveals the ultimate recuse plan; Jesus is the greater Moses who leads us into true freedom.

Father of Lights
He Knows Your Name

Leston Blackburn, June 17th

Leston Blackburn, June 24th

God knows you by name. If we learn anything from this wonderful passage of Scripture, that would be it. We are going to reflect on that truth today as we consider how God calls Moses by name (at a time when he didn’t even know the name of God) at a time when Moses’ name was synonymous with anything but the great name it would become. Learn how God knows each one of us by name, and more than that, how He has a new name for us too!
Reflecting on Father’s Day, Leston explores what James says in James 1:16-18, referring to God as the Father of Lights in whom there is no shadow of turning. Knowing the Father-heart of God and His love for us has a huge impact on not only how we see God, but how we see.

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