July 2019
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Be a Berean
The Last Day:

Mark Smith, July 7th

Leston Blackburn, July 14th

In the following message, Mark takes a moment to consider what it means to be a Berean. Looking at example of the Bereans from Acts 17, who eagerly received what Paul said, yet still went home to search the Scriptures for themselves, Mark draws on some points from the passage that we can apply to our lives as we follow their example to be reasonable, readers, reapers, ready, reactive and real.   
What would you do if you knew that it was your last day? What would you do if you knew that you were about to become the most powerful leader of all? How would you respond? John makes it clear in our text that Jesus knew both of these truths to be applicable. Yet how did He respond with this in mind? He chose to clothe Himself with the towel of a servant and wash the feet of the very disciples who would betray Him, deny Him and desert Him. What Jesus did, and what He chose not to do on this last night before the cross, says so much about Him.
Between Dreams and Reality
Fully Human

Leston Blackburn, July 21st

David Gleaves, July 28th

What happens when the dream God gives you doesn’t quite work out the way you anticipated? What happens when it seems to be delayed? It seems to me, as I journey through Scripture and indeed through life, that how we initially anticipate God’s will and purpose playing out, and how it actually ends up playing out, can often be very different realities. Paul’s missionary journeys are a perfect case in point. There would be some incredible highlights, of course, yet equally, there were some really tough times...
In this very insightful message, David considers how the fall impacted our standing and what Jesus did in order to remedy the order of things, making us, once more, fully human images of God.





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