December 2017
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The Hope of Advent is the Advent of Hope

Through the Eyes of Jospeh

Leston Blackburn,  Dec 3rd

David Gleaves,  Dec 17th

As we begin the season of Advent, the countdown to Christmas, we consider not only the countdown which looks back at the first Christmas and its implications for us, but the future countdown – the Advent to Christ’s return and the promise this holds. It is a season of hope, and nowhere is hope more powerfully realised than in the Person of Jesus Christ. IN this sermon, Leston explores the implications of the eternal hope that finds its source and substance in Christ, empowering and enabling us to meet whatever challenges this life may bring in the knowledge and hope of the life yet to come.
In this sermon, David takes a very insightful look at the birth of Jesus through the eyes of Jospeh. It must have been incredibly challenging for Joseph to take Mary as his wife and to accept the pronunciation of the angel and to shoulder all the implications of this. Yet he willingly chose to obey and to serve the Lord as the step-father of Jesus. This meant not only raising Jesus as his own son, but naming him - a responsibility reseved for fathers at the time. Journey with David as he explores the birth of Jesus through the eyes of Jospeh and how this serves as an example of the very grace of God at work in us.   

Teach Us To Number Our Days

Leston Blackburn,  Dec 31st

Reflecting on the Prayer of Moses as recorded in Psalm 90, Leston takes us on a journey to consider just what it means to number our days well. Explore this beautiful prayer of Moses and the implications it holds for our lives today. 

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